Soft Delicious Eggless Banana Pancake Recipe with Chocolate Syrup At Home

Eggless Banana Pancake - have been part of our lives for a very long time. This is a very soft and delicious Banana Pancake Recipe preparing at home By using banana, wheat flour, powder jaggery and fennel seeds, this breakfast recipe not only fills your stomach but also fills your soul and also a healthy cake with amazing taste. Eggless Banana Pancake is United States cuisine To make it easy and quite Simple, this vegetarian recipe can be delighted at such occasions as kitty parties, sports, picnics or buffets, and will leave everyone more crazy. Serve it with fresh cut seasonal fruits, along with fluffy cream or Chocolate syrup.Now Let's checkout recipe first.

Soft Delicious Eggless Banana Pancake Recipe with Chocolate Syrup At Home
Banana Pancake with Chocolate

Preparation Time : 10 minutes

Cooking        Time : 15 minutes

Serves                      : 3-4 Servings

INGREDIENTS : For Banana Pancake

  • Banana - 1
  • 3/4 cups of flour {Maida}
  • Wheat flour - 1/3 cup (50 grams)  
  • 6 tablespoon powdered jaggery
  • 1 teaspoon fennel seeds
  • Salt as required 
  • 3/4 Cardamom (Curly grub)
  • 1/5 teaspoons Baking Powder - 
  • 4/5 tablespoons Ghee
  • 1 cup of Milk
DIRECTIONS : For For Banana Pancake

Step 1 : For making banana cake, take out the flour in a big bowl, add wheat flour, jaggery powder, salt, cardamom powder and baking powder and mix all the things well.

Step 2 : Peel the bananas and cut into small slices and mash well with the help of a spoon. (Banana can also be mashed with milk by mixing it in the mixer)

Step 3 : Once the bananas are well mashed, add Maida and milk mix well ,Then add Flour mixture into which is we prepared in 1 step and mix all well. The Batter is to mix until the Lumps is finished, till it becomes smooth.Remember the batter should not be runny or too much thicker 

Step 4 : Now Add 2 tablespoon ghee to the batter and mix it. The batter is ready, keep it for 15 minutes.

Step 5 : Place the nonstick tawa or pan on the gas to make a pan cake, heat it and add a little ghee on the pan and spread it all around.

Step 6 : Keep flame medium When pan is ready then take some batter and put it on the hotter pan. Once this bubble, flip it, and cook on the other side. To do this, until the edges of the pancake are crisp, and until turns golden brown in color. prepare all pancakes like that.Transfer to serving plate when all cakes cooked.

Step 7 : Now Take dairymilk or any brand of chocolate and cut into small pieces doing this will melt chocolate pieces easily.Put all pieces in bowl and place in microwave.Heat it on medium high flame for 1 minutes

Step 8 : Now take out from microwave and stirring well and again place in microwave for 30/35 seconds.

Finally : Soft Delicious Eggless Banana Pancake is ready drizzle melted chocolate and honey on Pancakes and serve with tea or coffee.Serve your kids with cup of milk.