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Foodiepie1 is complete website which provide you Delicious Recipes with simple and Easy steps.Indian,Chinese,continental and every religion recipes in English language. Get thousands of recipes for every day and every occasion.This makes vegetarian recipes that are easy to cook and good to eat. 

We try to discover interesting and delicious recipes..We post recipe regular on Dinner,Lunch,Breakfast,Sweets,Soups,Desserts.As we can say that, this is complete All in One website nowadays.

We Started this website with Lot of experience about cooking.WE  work all together for you and support you any time.If you facing any problem regarding Cooking or anything then write us or contact us We are excited see your question.

Before Starting this website I visited soo much websites for recipes But i When i followed recipe that have good reviews but ended with not so well and some websites did not told us about temperature,Directions and proper ingredients list.

After long time i decided to Starting a website which provided detailed directions,Temperature and list of ingredients as well.Each food recipes has proper Steps,Variations, serving ideas.

Each Recipe which posted on https://www.foodiepie1.com/  is tested to make sure the recipe is complete and about tastes is good if not then we prepare it again.Overall we provide you complete recipe.  

Cooking is an Art and it takes an efforts to master it.We recommend to all Foodies to read our recipes in detail,Understand each steps,Servings,variations in detail then begin cooking to making it a success in first Go.

Do Let Us Know Your feedback on how our recipes at Foodiespie9@gmail.com If you feel any corrections and modification or simply have more valuable  please wright Us We try to do our best.